Why Ancestris

To allow all genealogists, from beginners to experts, to build their genealogy in complete freedom. For us your data is what is most important. With Ancestris, you can enrich and maintain it without risk of loss, unlike what can happen with other non-free software on the market, when changing software or changing version.


You pay nothing, the software is free for life, and the updates are free and available directly from the software.

No strings attached

You are free to store, read, manipulate, and publish your genealogy without depending on any software nor operating system.


You can manage an unlimited number of individuals, families, and other documents for as many different genealogies as you want.


You benefit from a free assistance of reactive volunteers and from the users community.


You can count on a 20 years old software which satisfies thousands of users.


You benefit from all the features and tools to edit and publish your genealogy.


Ancestris is available for the three systems below in a stable version that dates from early 2017.
A daily version is also available below.


If you use a MacOS system, here is a file compiled especially for you and directly usable.


If you are using a Windows system, here is an executable installer. Launch it and follow the instructions.

If you are using a Linux system, choose your distribution here, or else a shell script or a ZIP file.

Daily version

This is the latest version of Ancestris, updated almost daily. It works on MacOS, Windows and Linux. It has many improvements over the 2017 version. This is the version we recommend you to take.

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These facts demonstrate the strength of the software.


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Show or add media

Cygnus Editor

Edit your genalogy

Dynamic Tree

Add from the tree

Fan Report

View your reports

Gedcom Editor

Edit your Gedcom file

Web Book

Publish your genealogy

Geographic View

See your events on a map

Duplicate Handling

Detect duplicates

Places Editor

Find and locate your places


We founded Ancestris because we are all passionate amateur genealogists who promote Free Genealogy.
Numerous contributors are also helping us, for translations, user assistance, development of certain functionalities, and to communicate about Ancestris.

Frederic Lapeyre

The president

Daniel André

The engineer

Yannick Voyaud

The treasurer

Jean Mordac

The trainer

Pascal Forhan

The professional

Paolo Odone

The Italian translator

Peter Hochreiter

The German translator

Harry Mensch

The Dutch translator

Mārtiņš Anšmits

The Latvian translator

Dag Issjö

The Swedish translator

Pedro Albuquerque

The Portuguese translator

Dimitris Bletsas

The Greek translator

Jordi Juncosa Garza

The Spanish translator

Bogumił Cieniek

The Polish translator

Biró Tamás

The Hungarian translator

Søren Bay Kastrup

The Danish translator

Dominique Baron

The author of Trancestris